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What Makes a Great Candle?

It begins with all natural ingredients which lead to a clean burning candle. It's not only good for us, it's also good for our planet! Using natural waxes like soy or coconut along with pure fragrances, essential oils, and cotton wicks are just the beginning of a great candle.

For hundreds of years candle burning has been used in many facets and have been scientifically proven to play an essential role in the physiological effects of enhancing mood, lowering stress, improving work capabilities, and improving overall mental health.

Following are just a few of the incredible benefits of candle burning.

meditation and prayer

inducing a calming effect

creating a sense of well being

improving a romantic dinner

Remembering a smell that brings back our fondest memories

At the Spruce Moose, it's our daily journey to use the finest ingredients to create natural, unique, and individualized fragrances that create the best of these experiences.

By Sasha Nicol.

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