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Our Message

It is a common belief that the benefits of a good candle is a beautiful flicker and a wonderful smell, but it is much more than that.


It has been scientifically proven that our emotional state is influenced by the relationship between scent, memories, and emotions.  Candles are ideal for creating that emotional state while being further enhanced by the warming sensation of a burning flicker.


The right combination of natural ingredients, fragrances, and essential oils, are critical in creating the best experience possible.


At Spruce Moose we hand-craft a wide and diverse candle line created with natural ingredients that are enhanced by the ideal combination of essential oils and fragrances, along with coconut wax and natural wicks to maximize both the aroma and visual experience.


It is our daily journey to push the envelope of new combinations of ingredients to improve the quality of the candle burning experience for our customers.

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Our Candles

Our signature candle collection is hand-poured using an all natural coconut wax and phthalate free fragrance and/or essential oils. Clean burning and lasting fragrance are daily goals in providing an extraordinary candle experience.

Bath & Body

Our bath and body creations began from personal experiences with sensitive skin. All of our products have been personally tested and are derived from all natural and organic ingredients. We continue a daily journey in search of nature's offerings to provide and promote healthy skin and holistic wellness.

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Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love this shop, I love everything about it, I can find gifts for all occasions throughout the year!

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